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"A Mind of Gold is a thoughtful

and highly visual project geared

towards parents of kids dealing with

dyslexia. With fun illustrations

and easy to understand explanations

this project seeks to eliminate stigmas

and labels, replacing them with 

goals and understanding."

Bryony Gomez Palacio

"A Mind of Gold" emerged from the 

ingenious brain of Param Jain,

motivated by the idea of creating a 

publication for parents of children

diagnosed with dyslexia. Too often labeled

from an early age, those with reading 

difficulties are not always understood by

their parents and their shortcomings may

appear as a flaw. The editorial goal is

to guide, play down and explain

dyslexia through an innovative and

graphically accurate book."



"Many dyslexics students are brilliant and talented, but they learn

differently. Unfortunately, our school system is not set up to teach them the right way. As a result, dyslexic students often feel discouraged and loose their self esteem and motivation to learn. A Mind of Gold empowers parents to support their dyslexic children by:

Identifying and nurturing their strengths, advocating for their educational needs and providing the love and support they need to grow. A Mind of Gold starts with the story of Rishi, which provides parents a visceral understanding of what their dyslexic child is experiencing and how they feel. The book then guides parents through the differences of the dyslexic brain and the resulting challenges dyslexic children face. The book also highlights the strengths that may result from dyslexia, and guides parents to uncover the genius within their child. Written from the perspective of the dyslexic child, the book ends with advice for parents and a clear path to successfully raising a child who learns differently. Throughout the message is positive, uplifting and provides much needed encouragement for any parent who is facing the challenge of raising a dyslexic child."

Mark Rupert